What We Do

At Homestart Conveyancing Solutions & Sales Progression Services, we have identified the most critical issues facing successful conveyancing & sales progression and provide cost-saving solutions to both agents and solicitors. The digital platform works for all parties involved in the chain, providing real-time communication, control and transparency After accumulating many years of experience working with some of the top estate agencies and solicitors in the country, we have quickly established that sales progression has become one of the most important roles associated with estate agency success. At I-Link Technologies we have combined the two worlds of conveyancing and estate agency under one revolutionary software platform, to fulfil the growing needs of digital technology and online support which every customer now expects.

Our team at Homestart Sales Progressions Services, offers invaluable support and advice on your sales progression to creat a better understanding of the processes, not just following systematic milestones. The platform delivers on all aspects of your pipeline, exceeding your completion targets, excessively lowering your fall-through rates, but more importantly, meeting your clients’ needs by using a team of people who understand the legal process and providing exceptional customer service support.          

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What Our Clients Say

“With Homestart Sales Progression, doing all the chasing wasn't necessary, the team were abosolutely fantastic and the portal made time management and milestone updates made it all go through smoothly. Our lawyers remarked they were the best Estate Agents they'd come across.” Kerri Matters,Seller

What Our Clients Say

“ I had the availability of i-Link which made sure I was in the loop of what was going on and I could see what was happening along with the rest of the chain gave me more confidence than before the chain involved this agent. Off the back of this if I ever buy again in Bedfordshire I will be going straight to Homestart for a stress-free and transparent experience 5/5 from me.” Dave, Purchaser

What Our Clients Say

“ I'm not very technical but i-Link gave me an insight into how well the sale was progressing and my solicitors were able to update everyone involved in the chain so we all understood exactly what was happening. I’m glad she was fighting in my corner!” Emma Aitkin, Seller