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The use of i-Link allows for not only accurate pipeline reporting, including forecasting revenue streams, but it also identifies problems as soon as they arrive and prompts open communication between all parties. i-Link will increase productivity by solicitors/conveyancers as they reduce the number of inbound calls from clients and agents. The more productive the lawyers the more completions for the agents.

  • Provides an all user interactive platform from the beginning of a chain to the end. Ensuring end to end communication and transparency.
  • In-App communication via email and SMS directly to the professionals within the transaction, Providing an audit trail and effective communication.
  • Unique Login Details - Every user has their own unique login. Tenure based milestones - Each tenure is conveyanced in a different manner and therefore should be progressed in the same way to ensure correct progression is implemented.
  • Accurate pipeline forecasting - to allow businesses to accurately report on upcoming exchanges in real time with a true pipeline based on progression percentage completed.
  • Alert system - Instantly alerts clients to a call to action. Providing the customer with control of their sale/purchase while progressing at the same time. Clients/Customers will receive an alert whenever a change is made on their sale/purchase.
  • Effective task management system - keeping track of your pipeline and managing individual sales - to provide consistency over your progression.
  • Document upload/download facility - providing ease of access to shared documents and easy completion of protocol documents between clients and solicitors.
  • i-Quote - Instantly have access to your chosen solicitors with i-Quote - Keep track of your referrals, get instant quotes and instruct solicitors at the point of the market appraisal. GDPR compliant Fully integrated API available for all CRM systems



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What Our Clients Say

“With Homestart Sales Progression, doing all the chasing wasn't necessary, the team were abosolutely fantastic and the portal made time management and milestone updates made it all go through smoothly. Our lawyers remarked they were the best Estate Agents they'd come across.” Kerri Matters,Seller

What Our Clients Say

“ I had the availability of i-Link which made sure I was in the loop of what was going on and I could see what was happening along with the rest of the chain gave me more confidence than before the chain involved this agent. Off the back of this if I ever buy again in Bedfordshire I will be going straight to Homestart for a stress-free and transparent experience 5/5 from me.” Dave, Purchaser

What Our Clients Say

“ I'm not very technical but i-Link gave me an insight into how well the sale was progressing and my solicitors were able to update everyone involved in the chain so we all understood exactly what was happening. I’m glad she was fighting in my corner!” Emma Aitkin, Seller